Friday, January 3, 2014

#195 Nifty update: "Double Toppings on Nifty"

We all get excited when we get double toppings on Icecream or Pizza but i guess after todays close bulls wont be happy with the ''Double topping of Bearish Engulfing pattern on Nifty's Weekly chart". On other side Bears would be happy of the toppings. Now time will say who can digest this double topping..Bears or Bulls...Volumes on Nifty had dried up as Americans where on Christmas and New year celebration holiday. Yesterday we saw a basket selling and people had two reasons in mind 1) Rumors that Manmohan Singh would resign today (but he didnt) 2) People in Europe and America were booking profit after High NAV recorded on Financial Book Closure on 31st dec. Whichever reason you choose technical had indicated on 13th Dec Weekly closing and we did post on Blog to be short. Bond Purchase has decreased by $10 Billion/month which could also squeeze out  some liquidity gradually from market over some time. High Inflation is persisting in India which could trigger a rate hike in next RBI policy. On other hand Auto Sales have decreased for major companies in Dec which may be due to Inauspicious days as per Hindu belief. IIP are still pitched at lower levels which is not cheering for our economy. Earning season is about to commence and we expect intact growth and not much of flourished profits as our rupee had been stable around 62 which wouldnt have bought much profits for IT and Pharma sector which are dependent on foreign income. So we expect some profit bookings by short term traders on Nifty but we cant measure the extent of profit booking on downside i.e., it could be deep or even consolidation. Only good thing going around in Indian economy is FDI reforms. FDI in railway could be a surprise for markets and good for Indian railways. Parliament even approved some of the investment such as TESCO and vodafone 100% hike in Indian unit. Linking some inter market analysis, Gold chart is showing some bullishness which is a sign of downside in equity though not directly correlated in short term but it could trigger some bearishness on stocks. Coming to technicals, if we consider a bull wave to end at 6415, than we can see some extreme downside as we mentioned on last nifty update post. But for short term we have again got a chance to Sell nifty with some stop loss. Nifty is taking strong support at 50 SMA at 6193 on daily chart. RSI has turned negative. So now it seems Daily chart is also supporting negative biasness seen at weekly chart since 13th dec.

Long Term Traders Strategy: We are intact with Short call initiated on last post with tgt of 5970/5750 and SL 6415

Short term Traders straegy: We recommend to go Short (CMP 6211) tgts 6072/5970/5895 SL: 6360

*Note all levels on nifty are Cash levels and trade at ur risk with careful study. We might have recommended this strategy to our clients and we dont have any personal position. My analysis is biased to technical analysis.

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